The Differences Between Campaign Monitor vs Mailchimp

Why Email Marketing works for Small Business

There is nothing quite like running emails for our small business clients. It allows the client to get right into the pocket of their potential next client. It so often is overlooked in a modern digital marketing strategy – but one thing is for certain. EMAIL ROCKS! And you 100% need to be doing it.

So often people sign up to Mailchimp and don’t consider other avenues. I love Campaign Monitor and in this post I’m going to tell you why you should pay for it.


What is Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is an email program that makes it easy to create, send, and measure the impact of one’s email campaigns. The program offers clients various templates that give them the ability to create entire marketing campaigns with nothing more than just drag-and-drop technology. The idea is to make creating an email campaign effortless for the user, while allowing them to personalize the campaign to their specific company. It allows the user to detail and personalize their email campaigns through a wide variety of templates to connect to their specific customer base to help sell their product or service in a more effective way than just traditional email alone.

This is a service that the business has to pay for to be able to use.


What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp on the other hand is another option that clients can use to help personalize their marketing campaigns to better reach their customer base. A variety of templates allow the business to personalise their campaign to their specific customer base, and allow them to connect with customers in a much more effective way than traditional email alone.

There are free plans available on Mailchimp while offering the user the ability to upgrade to paid plans.


What Are the Differences Between Campaign Monitor & Mailchimp?

Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp have a lot of the same features but there are also some key differences between the two that we will explore in this section. These key features can help people determine which program will work better for their businesses. While both of these small business marketing solutions have their place in the email campaign world, there are a lot of businesses using Mailchimp that would benefit more from using Campaign Monitor. Many of them are not even aware of the edge that Campaign Monitor can offer.


Pros of Campaign Monitor:

Campaign Monitor is a more “powerful” program with a much more comprehensive user interface than Mailchimp, which makes it a very popular solution for small business advertising. Campaign Monitor is known to have a more friendly user interface and is much easier to use to set up an advertising campaign on. Most users prefer the “drag-and-drop” method over the more complex method of Mailchimp. Campaign Monitor allows the business owner to quickly compile and send attractive email campaigns without wasting valuable time on design and tinkering to get the layout “just right”.


Campaign Monitor will also be more useful for the more “serious” business user, however, in most cases as you have to pay to access the program. However, most users that convert to Campaign Monitor say the fee is worth it as the interface is much more user-friendly. Another perk that comes with paying for the Campaign Monitor service includes the fact that there is customer service support available to all customers as every plan is paid.

Campaign Monitor also more diverse in the range of apps to give the user more options than Mailchimp does. They let you use to allow customers to sign up using various forms than Mailchimp is.


Pros of Mailchimp: The biggest and only real pro for Mailchimp that wins many users over is the generous “free” option they offer that is not available on Campaign Monitor. These plans do not provide customer service support, but there are options to upgrade to a paid plan. While it may seem “silly” to pay for a Campaign Monitor account, many people find that once they do they prefer that option as the interface has a more user-friendly and there are more options for apps that can be put into the campaign to set it up the way the user likes it.

Many of the graphics and the options for various texts and designs are also. This allows the designer to give their marketing campaign more diverse looks than Campaign Monitor would allow them to give their product.


“Mailchimp’s only pro is the free option is provides.”



There are many similarities between the Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp programs as well. Both are marketing campaign programs that help the business owner create marketing campaigns that are designed to attract more users to buy their product. However, many users find that once they try the Campaign Monitor greatly prefer that service even if they have to pay for it. Campaign Monitor is, overall, much easier to use and has more apps to use to cultivate your individualized marketing campaign. The customer service support is also a massive plus.


Both products offer automation/drip campaign options to users and also both are able to be integrated with eCommerce applications including Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. Both allow customers to submit sign up forms through their email marketing campaign as well. Both programs are also happy to provide campaign reports to the creator so they understand the effectiveness of their campaigns with their customer bases. Both programs also provide double opt-in forms as well.


Here’s a very simple chart for you:

MailChimpCampaign Monitor
PriceFree with basic features/$10/month for up to 500 subscribers and all core features.Free to send emails to 5 subscribers/$9/month for up to 500 subscribers and all core features.
Automation/Drip CampaignsYesYes
eCommerce IntegrationYes, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce.Yes, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce.
Sign up FormsOffers the ability to host sign up forms, embed them into your site and integrates with third party apps like OptinMonster.Offers the ability to host sign up forms, embed them into your site and integrates with third party apps.
Social Media IntegrationYes, with the ability to share each campaign on Twitter/Facebook, integrates with Facebook Pages and Twitter Lead Generation Cards.Yes, Facebook Pages and Facebook Ads.
Campaign ReportsYesYes
Double Opt-In FormsYesYes
A/B Split-TestingYes, although more advanced testing is available on higher-tiered plansYes
SupportEmail support available on paid plans only.Email support available on all plans, phone support available on Premier Plan.

For More Experienced Businesses Campaign Monitor is the Clear Solution:

For any business owner that has some email marketing experience and is looking to take their marketing campaign to the next level the clear solution to their needs is Campaign Manager. It does require a payment but is really affordable as it only costs the user $9/month for up to 500 subscribers, and gives everyone 5 emails that can be sent each month for free. It’s affordable, and that small payment each month comes with live support if any problems come up to allow the creator to contact Campaign Monitor for assistance, which can prove invaluable when a marketing campaign email must go out and a problem arises. This support can be one of the most valuable tools that the creator has at their fingertips.


Also considering that the Campaign Monitor has a “drag-and-drop” method of creating marketing campaigns it makes it infinitely easier to use and takes much less of the creator’s time to make an effective marketing campaign. The extra third-party integrations that are available and the wide variety of templates make this the clear winner for anyone with previous marketing campaign experience looking to accelerate their business marketing to the next level.


For more information on helping manage your marketing campaigns feel free to jump on our Gold Care Plan package or contact us for further assistance.