How to Reach More People on Facebook?

Ever since the Facebook News Feed algorithm has changed, many people think that it is almost impossible to increase your organic reach. Well, it is not as easy as it used to be, but it is certainly not impossible, and we will reveal some hacks which will help you reach more people on Facebook.

With the new algorithm released in 2018, Facebook is focusing on more meaningful interactions, prioritizing more posts from family, friends, and groups, putting business pages aside. This incited the businesses to invest more time and money into creating their content and promoting it through paid ads.


What Does Reach mean on Facebook?

There are different types of reach on Facebook. You have page reach (total reach) which shows how many unique users looked at content related to your Facebook page over a specific period. 

Post reach, on the other side, is how many unique users saw a post you’ve shared on your page. When it comes to a post reach there is paid and organic one. 

If you have a hard time telling the difference between organic reach and impressions, relax because you’re not the only one. Facebook Organic Reach is the number of unique users who saw your post in the news feed, or on your page, while impressions show an overall number of previews and count multiple views from the same user. 

Now, let’s see how you can increase your reach.


Encourage More Interactions On Your Posts

The reach of your posts is based on engagement. So, you should be posting content which your users will find interesting and want to like, comment on or share. The amount of engagement you get on your post will increase your reach.

There are several easy ways to start interactions on your posts:

  • Asking questions will make the users realize that their opinion matters. It is simple, you love getting comments and questions from your audience because that helps you connect with them. Well, they feel the same, and they love to see that you care and that you want to hear what they have to say. Keep in mind that no one wants to seem wrong on social media, so asking for a personal opinion is the best way to engage your audience.
  • Give your best to respond to the comments. People get frustrated when they ask you something and they don’t get the reply. It will make you look unprofessional, and other people will consider there is no point commenting or asking questions when you don’t care. Whenever you have the chance, find the time to reply to every single comment you get.
  • Feel free to be creative, and ask people to fill in the blanks. For example, you can post something like “I love summer because of _____”. Just make sure that your post is related to your product/service and keep it fun.


Use Live And Native Videos

VIdeos are scroll stoppers on social media because they are easy-to-consume and catchy. Comparing to statuses, photos or links native videos have a 135% percent higher reach compared to images, for example. The ideal length of the native video is between 3-5 seconds, so use that time wisely.

Live video format offers you a great chance to increase your Facebook organic reach. Some researches show that brands receive higher reach by using Facebook Live Videos Instead of native ones because live videos are six times more engaging than regular ones.


Use The Benefits Of Facebook Groups

Don’t be afraid to create your group which will bring together like-minded users and encourage them to share their experiences and opinions. That can help you boost your organic reach and expand your email list which you can use for marketing campaigns. This will bring you closer to your audience and help you learn more about their needs and interests.

Also, you can share your content in groups related to your business. Since the members of those groups are most-likely interested in the topics you share, your content will be relevant and appealing, so they will probably click on it and voilà – your reach will start to increase!

Since Facebook algorithm changes often, creating a winning strategy that will keep your posts on the users’ feed isn’t always easy. We hope that the tips we provided will help you skyrocket your reach, and in case you need help, don’t hesitate to contact Summit Digital marketing company.