How to Rank High on Google Search Results Pages

While publishing content is a great way to attract organic traffic to your website, if you are not showing up on the first page of search results, you are spinning your wheels. Every search position below the coveted first link will earn progressively fewer click-throughs. Nevertheless, showing up on the second or third page of results will mean almost no organic traffic. As a consequence, you will need to spend far more on advertising to attract potential customers.

There are many articles about search engine optimization. Regardless, at the end of everything, ranking well on Google will come down to just a few concepts. The more time you’re spending improving each of these areas, the better you will rank on search result pages.

Tips to Rank High on Google Search

  1. Technical SEO – While this phrase may seem a bit intimidating, it simply refers to those technical aspects of SEO like keyword optimization, meta tags, image ALT text, and other SEO best practices.
  2. Website Design – User experience has grown to become a significant factor for ranking. Further, web design has less to do with how your website looks and more with how it performs for your visitors. Do pages load quickly? Is it easy to navigate?
  3. Unique Content – There is nothing that Google loves more than truly unique content. Accordingly, investing in creative work that is compelling and engaging is not just good marketing. Nevertheless, you do not need completely original ideas. Start by providing fresh, new perspectives or delving deeper into the subject.
  4. Authority Signals – On top of everything else, Google tracks human behavior and uses this data to evaluate authority, popularity, and credibility. When a visitor clicks on a link, do they stay on your site or do they return to the search results for a better option? Content must improve click-throughs, bounce rates, time on site, social shares, and other human engagement.
  5. Inbound Links – Does your content inspire inbound links from quality industry websites? When other websites reference you as a source, this is the equivalent of an upvote for your content. That said, not all inbound links have the same value. More authoritative, popular, and credible websites will have a more positive impact.

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