Speed Up Your Social Media Scheduling with These 8 Awesome Tools

Buffer – https://buffer.com/You can add up to 4 social media accounts for free! Perfect for getting into on a Monday morning for 20mins and scheduling your whole week.
(My Favourite)
Free/Paid $$
Hootsuite – https://hootsuite.com/These guys also have a free version (up to 3 accounts). It’s not my favorite tool to use, as I find it clunky. But some people love it!
CoSchedule – http://coschedule.com/If you’ve got that little extra budget per month, this tool allows you to blog directly to your website from the CoShedule dashboard. It also follows you up with prompts to make sure you share your items more than once… Like 4-6 times!! Which is exactly what we need.

Image Creation

Canva – https://www.canva.com/$1 images – which can be used for social media

Pablo – https://pablo.buffer.com/A tool by the team at Buffer so naturally, I love it. Jump in and create images from the 30,000 photo stock library. This app is perfect for creating those inspiration posts – which always go viral.

Feedly – https://feedly.com/i/welcomeThis organises website content from the internet in one place. If I see a website putting out great content which I know my community will love, I make sure I add it to my Feedly Dashboard, so again in 20mins on a Monday I can manage all my sharing in one place.

Buzz Sumo – http://buzzsumo.com/Great research tool. Enter any topic or domain into the search box, and let BuzzSumo do the rest. Within seconds, you’ll be presented with the most shared content on any topic, including a breakdown by social platform. You can even view the backlinks generated by each post.

Design Wizard – https://www.designwizard.com/Similar to Canva, Design Wizard allows you to create images to share on social media. The interesting difference is that you don’t need to license the designs multiple times for multiple uses. They’ve got nearly 20,000 templates and over 1.2 million images