Top 3 Myths of SEO

As search engines become an even more important tool in navigating the internet, search engine optimization (SEO) has quickly become a necessity for business. And with any important practice, there is plenty of misinformation out there. So here are the three biggest myths that need dispelling in modern SEO:

1. Organic Clicks Through Paid Ads

In the search engine world, there are two kinds of results: paid and organic (unpaid). Given that up to 80% of people do not even look at the paid results, one often wonders why businesses still use them at all.

Often times, this is because they believe that a paid ad will cause their site to more often come up organically. Unfortunately, this is entirely untrue. Most search engines have even programmed a “wall” around their organic results to be sure no such crossover can exist.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Since search engines are looking for words that match the user’s query, it seems as though the more one can use the words for which a user would be search (Such as “Best Landscaper in Sydney”) the better. However, this has been disproved time and time again.

Using your keywords intelligently and economically, such that a user can easily understand your page, is a far better stratagem.

3. Search Engine Submissions

Our last myth goes way back to the early days of search engines. Originally, before the web was so interconnected, the way a website owner would get their site in a search engine’s database would be to use a search engine submission form. In this, they would give their URL and a brief description of their site.

However, because of the abuse regarding spam and the invention of the far more efficient and accurate “web crawler”, this has become out of date. Now, hardly any search engines even use these forms! And yet people are still filling them out.

But with the complexity of modern search engines, it is no surprise that these, and many other, myths are still out there. Which is why we specialise in sorting fact from fiction as to create the best possible website for your business. So when you are ready to bring your business to the largest pool of new customers on the market, contact us.