What is Actually Covered in a Care Plan?

You publish your site and leave it, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, just creating a great website isn’t enough. You have to maintain and update your WordPress website regularly. This is vital to your website’s success. Without the proper care plan, your business could suffer.

What Can Happen To Your Website

Website maintenance is no joke. If your site isn’t properly maintained you could suffer the consequences of hackers, the lack of upgrades or worse – losing your site due to the lack of a regular backup. To keep this from happening, it’s generally best to hire someone to monitor your website and ensure that it continues to run well.

Why You Should Hire a Pro to Maintain Your Website

According to Entrepreneur.com, any time you’re not doing something that’s not the key focus of your business, you’re having a negative impact on your business. The bottom line is that you could probably learn how to maintain your own website, but in most cases, it isn’t worth it. Your time is better spent elsewhere.
You could hire someone in-house to maintain your website, but that comes with a lot of downsides and is usually very expensive. It’s smarter to hire a company you can trust for a few hundred dollars or more per month.

How We Make Sure Your Website Runs Smoothly

We offer three plans to ensure that your website continues to run smoothly: a Bronze plan, a Silver plan, and a Gold plan. Starting at under $300, our plans run the gamut from the absolute website maintenance basics to the top of the line plan designed to expand your presence online and boost your brand and business. Having three options allows you to choose what’s right for you at a price that’s considerably less than hiring a new employee. Also, you’ll get a whole team of people at Summit Digital as opposed to just one person on your staff.

If you need additional information about our plans or would like to talk more about our website care plans, feel free to reach out. We’d love to discuss your website further and find a plan that meets your needs.