3 Reasons to Focus On Email Marketing and List Building Today

SEO is one of the best methods for lead generation, but if you can not afford it, you can take matters into your own hands and work on email marketing and list building.


Not convinced of a robust email list’s benefits? Check out the three reasons below.


You Have Complete Control

With social media or search engines, you lack control. You have to do whatever they require in order to get traffic. An email list gives you absolute control over how you do things. You can market how you want, collect names and contact information how you want, and basically do anything you can think of. Making a change to the way you do things is as easy as it can be because you’re in total control.


It’s a Continuous Monetization Opportunity

One of the best things about an email list is that you can market to people again and again. This is perhaps one of the biggest pluses to having a large email list. You don’t need to fight quite as hard to get people to notice you. They’ve already noticed you and opted in for your emails.


Repeat Visitors

Similar to the point above is the fact that your website will get a lot of repeat visitors from your email list. Forget about monetization for a second. If you’re in the business of building relationships, repeat visitors is key. You need to be able to provide them with great content on a regular basis and that’s easy if you have their email and can send it directly to them.


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