Most Important Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

The landscape of digital marketing is changing daily, introducing new tools and utilities, and adding more ways to connect, track and maximize your online marketing performance. Since the new year is approaching, you might become overwhelmed not knowing what to expect.

We will help you by learning more about the leading digital marketing trends for 2020, and to find out what you can do to maximize the engagement for your business. Having this information will also help you understand consumers better, and to adapt to their changing demands. 



When the usage of chatbots started, customers were answered only with pre-written replies to questions businesses considered common, using keywords to trigger the bot. As time passes, the algorithms are improving chatbots, by understanding what the users are writing to them.

Instead of using canned answers, the chatbots can now, in a way, surf the web to find the answers customers are seeking. Differ from customer support representatives, bots can speak to multiple consumers at a time, and this trend will definitely grow in 2020.


Live Streaming

This is something many businesses use to engage their audience. It is a fast and easily accessible way to provide information about what your brand has to offer to new and existing customers. Many people prefer live streaming instead of written content because it allows them to see a raw unfiltered brand in real-time. 

Live streaming is similar to video chatting because it allows your followers to react and share your content. It will help you build stronger bonds between you and your customers because they will. 


Influencer Marketing

This is an existing trend, but it will continue to grow in 2020. Some researches show that over 60% of marketers will increase investment in influencer marketing in the next year. Consumers are seeing numerous ads in their feed, but now they are looking for a review about specific products or service, and they look for someone they can trust. 

By someone, they can trust we don’t mean about friends and family only, but celebrities, and experts in specific fields. Social media platforms are an excellent place for small businesses and startups because it allows them to compete with larger brands on the same scene with a minimum budget. Since they don’t have much money to invest in popular influencers, there is a large opportunity for the growth of micro-influencers during the next year. 


Mobile-Optimized Content

We all know that phones are no longer used for calling and sending text messages. Today, smartphones represent mini computers where you can play games, browse the internet and even make online purchases. 

Because of that, you will have to pay close attention to the format of your content, because don’t all posts published on desktop look good on smartphones and tablets. You should post photos and videos in a format optimized for mobile devices, and keep captions short. This will ensure that the customers have a good experience while browsing your page. 


Have You Started Planning Your Digital Media Strategy for 2020?

If you haven’t started making plans for your digital media marketing campaigns for the next year, it is about time to start. Following these trends will help you make significant progress and gain more leads and traffic. 

In case you are not sure that you can make it by yourself, Summit Digital offers professional digital marketing services that will help you stay competitive in whatever industry you might be in. Our team of experts will easily adapt to many new elements and tools that will pop up, and turn your marketing strategy that way, while you can focus on business only.