Mandatory Steps You Need To Take in Social Media in 2020

We are getting closer to the end of this year, and you are probably wondering how social media marketing will look in 2020. 

In case you still haven’t made your social media strategy, here are the steps you should definitely consider taking:


Get Ready for More Regulations and Restrictions on All Platforms

We have seen plenty of benefits from social media, but there were also negative issues that arose over the past years. Two major problems are data security and privacy protection or to be more precise collecting personal information about users and selling it to the third-party websites.

The most popular social media platforms have already seen repercussions by US and EU governments and it is expected that norms will additionally tighten in the next year, with more policies being created to make sure that people don’t perceive social media as an unsafe place. Be prepared for more regulatory control and legal securities.


Increased Adoption Of Augmented and Virtual Reality

With the rise of 5G, both AR and VR will be integrated into more apps, which will subsequently open new opportunities for marketers. In 2020 you can expect new innovative and creative campaigns that integrate with these technologies in order to improve customer experience. 

If you are wondering how the usage of AR and VR on social media look like, think of all those funny photo filters that you can find on Instagram, Snapchat and other apps focused on photography. It is expected that this trend will be adopted by other social media platforms soon. Some of the bigger brands were smart and reacted quickly by making their own VR filters.


Personalization Will Be The Key

Although personalization has been a global consumer trend for several years, it is still slightly new when it comes to social media. The key aspects where you should leverage the personalization trend is in the delivery of social media ads. Social media platforms are offering advanced targeting and customization options for marketers, and if you still haven’t tested them, it is time to start. 

Personalization now came to the level where social media platforms understand the type of products you like and show you ads for similar products of different brands. If you are not sure if this really is working, try clicking on an ad on Facebook for example. Within minutes your feed will be full of ads for similar items. The more ads you click, the better social media channels will understand your needs and behaviour, and soon it will be curated to your tastes. 


User-Generated Content Will Remain Popular 

This is a relatively new trend, but it is going strong and it will continue to do so next year. Since more marketers started using user-generated content (UGC), the rate of adoption has changed. 

You can motivate your customers to create the content and tag your brand so they can have a chance to get featured on your page. You can also actively involve your audience into the campaign, by asking them to submit an entry you’ve created. UGC is free and considered as much more authentic and effective than the branded one, and it can help your brand become more trustworthy. 



These are some of the dominating steps you should take in 2020 if you want to actively participate in the dynamic and competitive world of social media channels. If this wasn’t enough to encourage you to dive deeper into social media marketing on your own or you simply don’t have time or resources to start your own in-house social media team, our Sydney digital marketing team of experts will be there to help.