Trends in Email Marketing That You Should Be Implementing

As time goes by, the data-driven marketing, artificial intelligence, voice search engine optimization (VSEO) and many other marketing trends were considered too ambitious concepts. 

However, they have developed over time, became more accessible and something that was once considered elusive is among the top priorities for any business today. One of digital marketing’s best techniques, email marketing, is constantly adapting and implementing the latest technology improvements in order to take as little time as possible in return for the best results. 

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, these are the email marketing trends you should implement in your strategy:


Artificial Intelligence

According to Techrabyte, AI is the biggest opportunity for companies, and it will increase global GDP by up to 14% by the end of 2030. This means that you will need to adopt artificial intelligence to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage and move into new businesses. AI can analyze consumer behaviour and search patterns, as well as gather data from social media platforms and blogs to help businesses understand how their customers find their services online, what incites them to make a purchase and why they return. 

Nowadays we see examples of messengers replacing the traditional emails in marketing. Some of the well-known examples of artificial intelligence are chatbots, such as a Facebook messenger bot. It uses natural language processing software to decode what the user wants and respond as a real person. 

Artificial Intelligence is especially used in automation software and it can determine the best times for sending an email based on location and industry data, take care of the follow-ups and replies saving your marketing team plenty of time.


Accessible Content

The copy of your email should be concise and to-the-point. The Litmus researches show that email attention spans are increasing, but they are still pretty short. Because of that, you will need to clearly communicate with your audience to engage in further reading. 

You should use shorter sentences with minimum jargon and difficult words, and localize your content for global audiences. Feel free to use bullets, heads and other tactics that can make your copy simpler and easier to understand.

The more time and dedication you invest in your content, the better the engagement you can expect from your audience.


Think Mobile

Mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing, and your email marketing campaigns should be optimized for smartphones and tablets. You might need the help of true professionals, because mobile optimization is not a simple process, and the coding behind your emails should allow them to collapse into a mobile-viewable format without a problem.

There is no need to worry because Summit Digital web development and marketing services also include designing your email templates and complimentary landing pages. Our team will make sure that your emails are rendering properly on all devices, so we will do all the necessary testing before sending it across different devices, email clients and browsers.


Message Personalization

Over 50% of marketing influencers said that message personalization is one of the most effective email strategies, and that it has a huge impact on the success of your campaigns. You can use segmentation based on different demographics and interests your customers have, or a dynamic content to make your emails more effective. 

Product recommendations are also a useful tactic because it will help you show to your customers that you actually understand their needs by suggesting to them what to buy next, based on their previous purchases. 

One more way to get closer to your customers is to create special offers according to the segment the customer belongs to instead of sending the same generic emails every time. 


Are You Ready To Skyrocket Your Next Email Marketing Campaign?

We are ready whenever you are to use all above-mentioned and many other tactics that will help you boost your business with the email marketing campaign. Summit Digital Sydney web developers, designers and digital marketers are here to show you the full potential of email marketing.

We follow trends, technical innovations and work hard to help our clients stay one step ahead of their competitors by offering tailor-made digital marketing solutions.