4 Things Keeping You From Realizing Your Full SEO Potential

No matter if you have been in business for years, or you have just started a company there are many benefits of investing in digital marketing, especially SEO. Sometimes businesses make small mistakes that are not so obvious and that could be fixed quickly but that keep you away from reaching your full SEO potential.

Most of these challenges can be easily handled by our experienced SEO experts. Here we will share with you some of the most common obstacles for SEO that we faced over the past years.


Not Optimizing for Mobile

Mobile search is on the rise, and it already exceeded desktop searches. This means that your target audience is most likely using smartphones or other mobile devices to find your content. Mobile optimization takes site design, page speed, and many other aspects into consideration and neglecting them can easily turn mobile visitors away. One more thing that has changed is the blockage of CSS, JavaScript, and images. In the old times, some mobile devices couldn’t support all of these items, so web developers had to block one or all three. 

This is no longer true, so in case you have a website that is created a long time ago, you should check if these options are active because they are critical to helping Google understand if you are having a responsive website. The audience you can reach if your website is optimized for mobile is immeasurable, and no matter if you have a responsive, dynamic serving, or separate site configuration Google supports all three options as long as they are set properly.  


Lack Of Quality Links

We all know that links are foundations of Google algorithm and that used to separate it from other search engines. This means that Google considered each link from a credible website as a valid “vote” for your website. Nowadays it is not only Google that values these links, but other search engines as well. 

Don’t give in into the easy black-hat SEO solution of link farms because it will be useless in the long run. Be careful and keep in mind that only links from credible websites count.


No Original Content 

Content is definitely one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization. Keep in mind that the content on your website must be fresh and unique. Quality and original content can do wonders to your SEO campaign, so you should consider creating a new one as well as optimizing an existing one. 

Never forget the saying “Content is a king” and let it guide you in the search engine world. 


Long Page Loading Time

Search engines tend to make a perfect organization and put the best results on top so the searchers can easily find the information they were looking for. Considering this fact, it is obvious that if the websites that are loading too slowly are ranked first, the searchers will have a terrible user experience. In order to make sure that your website is loading fast, try cleaning up the code, and if this doesn’t help, you can try hiring a professional developer that can rebuild your website in clean, new code. 



Although these are not all the things that can keep you from realizing your full SEO potential, they are the most common ones. If you have trouble dealing with these or any other obstacles on your own, you can rely on SEO experts from Summit Digital who will quickly find the solution and help you see all the benefits that good SEO optimization can bring you. After we finish our job, the results and rankings will speak for themselves.