3 Tips to Nail Mailchimp

Do you use email marketing to promote your business? MailChimp is a powerful tool that allows businesses to incorporate email marketing campaigns into their daily agenda. According to WPBeginner, “experiments have shown that when you do NOT use a third-party service like MailChimp… you will see a lower deliverability rate” of your messages.

Setting up an account is one thing, but fully understanding and successfully utilizing this modern tool “can lead to higher lead conversions, increased sales and brand awareness,” as explained by marketing company Half A Bubble Out. Check out these 3 tips to nail MailChimp to make sure you’re harnessing the power of this platform to its fullest capacity:

Use Precise and Relevant Subject Lines

Spending an excessive amount of time creating a unique subject line is useless if it does not pertain to the subject of your email. Readers are much more inclined to immediately click out of the email if what they see in the content does not relate back to what they expected when they read the subject line. Be short, sweet (seriously, being empathetic will help you connect to your reader), and honest. Stick to one main point per email.

You can add the recipient’s first names to the subject lines to increase opens. Choose from a range of flexible drag-and-drop designs to make sure your email fits your brand style and is attractive to the readers’ eye.

Grow Your Email List

You may design the most effective subject lines and content, but without an audience to share it with, the information goes nowhere. MailChimp makes it simple to embed pre-written code into your website, providing a place for readers to subscribe to your email list. Place these forms on the most popular pages of your website to ensure nobody misses the opportunity to subscribe.

Once you have accrued emails, we recommend you separate your pool of subscribers into categories that are relevant to various aspects of your business. That way, you can target specific audiences with specialized content. This keeps your readers receiving the type of content they enjoy, and they won’t feel spammed.

Tell Your Recipients What You Want

You must make it easy for the reader to move from your email deeper into your business. There are a few ways to do this. First of all, include your logo in your email. Make sure it is in a very visible place. Also, provide links to your social media accounts and commands to use them. MarketingProfs explains that including specific action words, rather than just providing the relevant buttons, can increase the reader following through with the action by two times! Provide readers with Calls to Action (CTAs) which are texts, buttons, or images linking them to external content, such as your main business website. Use concise language within your CTAs to convey to your readers precisely what you want them to do.

Getting a grasp on this affordable, easy to use email marketing platform? We encourage you to contact us at Summit Design to familiarise yourself with priceless tips on online marketing!