3 SEO Trends to watch in 2017

Every year we have to consider new search algorithms and new techniques used to rank high in search engine results. While there are obviously more than three things you need to think about in terms of SEO, we feel that the following three items will be especially important in 2017.

1. Website Speed

Website speed has always been an important factor, but in 2017 it may take precedence over some other factors. Business 2 Community points out that a website’s speed has an impact on how many pages a user visits and how long they spend on those pages. User experience is important, but so is the speed of the website. With so many sites out there, don’t expect people to wait around for your page to load.

2. Content Finally is King

Everyone has heard the phrase content is king for years now, but there’s a lot of crappy content at the top of the search results. According to Forbes, this could change in 2017 with the rise of what’s called dense content. This is content that gives in-depth information instead of light or fluffy content. Often, this type of content is called “epic” content. It has become more prevalent recently and will likely be even more important in the next twelve months.

3. Voice Search

One of the fastest-growing search types out there is Google voice search. Speech recognition software has improved greatly in recent years and more and more people are turning to this method to get answers. According to Cloudways, voice search will undergo some serious changes in the upcoming years and it’s important for marketers and content creators to think beyond text keywords in 2017.

2017 will be an interesting year and to stay competitive you need to focus on the three things listed above. To get started, perform a speed test on your site by clicking here. Next, review the way you write your content and make sure it’s EPIC. Nice and long – easy to digest. Also, make sure to consider voice search queries when creating content. If you want to use search to increase your visibility this year, give us a call.