How to Get the Most From Your SEO Strategy

Having an SEO strategy in Sydney is a must if you want to stay ahead of your competition. If you aren’t visible on search engines (like Google), your business will take longer to get ahead. You need to have a strategy that addresses the key concerns of the customer. There’s a lot of outdated advice floating around on the web and you should create your SEO strategy to work for this year and the next one, not build it around ideas that were important two years ago. Here are some strategies that will help you do that.

Meta tags

Firstly, SEO is NOT just the title tags and meta tags – those are all basics – that require research then implementation, but it’s what you do a month on month that’ll truly put you ahead.

Focus on Link Building

There are always new strategies that pop up, but one proven time and time again is link building. Links are still one of the top indicators to search engines that a piece of content is of high quality, according to Backlinko. Any SEO strategy that doesn’t spend a significant amount of time on building high-quality links pointing back to your website is probably not going to be very effective. You should be creating content that inspires others to link back to you. You also need to actively pursue links by guest posting and performing manual outreach to others in your industry.

Go All In for Video

Video content is huge right now. YouTube is a juggernaut that you can’t ignore and video is becoming increasingly important on social media, but it doesn’t end there. Good video content should become a part of your overall strategy for SEO, too. Search engines want to see video content on your website. You can see in the diagram below – This website started VIDEO for SEO in December 2017 and now look at the data for April!

Create Comprehensive Content

In addition to video content, you should build long-form, comprehensive pieces of content into your strategy. Use keywords, come at the topic with an interesting viewpoint and cover all the angles. You want to try to provide the absolute most informative piece of content around. If you can do that, you should see positive results.

With all this in mind, it’s important to note that not all of your content has to fit in either of these categories. You can still do shorter pieces, but you need to have plenty of video and long-form topics in your overall strategy.

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