How to Know If Your SEO Is Broken?

The basic principle of SEO is to rank better and make your website more search-friendly. When you optimize your website for SEO it means you want to build a page that will have a better score in the search algorithm. Therefore, it’s quite easy to tell when your SEO is not working as it is supposed to.

If you want to have a clear picture, the best thing you can do is analyze metrics on different systems. The results probably want to match completely, but they will be similar and you will have a better understanding of your SEO strategy.


Your Organic Traffic Is Decreasing

If there is one word that should be used to describe SEO it’s growth. With a good strategy, your organic traffic should increase over time. By that, we mean gaining new users and making sure you also have returning ones. The best way to check that is to go to Google Analytics and compare the results you have today with the ones from months before. If you see there has come to decreasing, it means your SEO is broken.


Evaluate Your Content

If you are forgetting about content, you cannot expect to have a proper SEO that works. Google works on user experience principal, and if you are not providing them with something useful, you cannot expect to rank on the first page. Look at your competitor’s content, and see whether they are using long or shorter texts. If they are providing long texts, you cannot add a post that has 300 words and expect it to work.


Look at Your Changes

Can you remember when was the last time you changed your SEO strategy? If the answer is negative, then your SEO is probably broken. When it comes to SEO, the only constant thing is change. Google changes its algorithm constantly and you should adjust according to that. You need to follow the newest trends and updates, familiarize yourself with any change Google makes and act accordingly.


Page Loading Time

One of the easiest ways to learn whether your SEO is broken or not is to see the amount of time it takes to load any page on your website. Good SEO strategy requires an excellent user experience and if the loading time is long, users won’t return to your website. On the contrary, they will probably just exit the page and go to check the same thing at your competitor’s website. The best thing you can do is use Google Page Speed Insight and see are there anything you need to change.


Use Free Ranking Tools

These free tools can help you with keywords by investigating your competitors. After the diagnose, you will know exactly if there is anything you need to change or not. You can try with SEMrush, Moz or Ahrefs but keep in mind that their free versions are very limited.


Check Your Backlinks

Backlinking is one of the most important parts of SEO. It can benefit you a lot, but it can also ruin your whole strategy. If you have more bad backlinks than the good ones it means your SEO is broken. You can check that easily using Ahrefs free backlink checker.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to see whether your SEO is broken or not. After all, you can simply ask yourself one question — can I see the results? If it takes you too long to answer this question, then your SEO is probably broken and you should spend a little bit more of your time to make it right. If you are unsure about what is the next step you need to do, we advise you to contact us. At Summit Digital we will make sure to create a proper SEO campaign that will improve the visibility of your website and raise brand awareness.