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What Advertising Methods You Can Use to Replace the Cookie?

Cookies are small data files stored in the user’s computer by the web browser. Each website you visit sends cookies to the computer. They are actually a fundamental mechanism for websites to gain important information and record a user’s browsing activity. Thanks to them, websites can know what are the things we add to a […]

Improving Your Social Media With Email Marketing

If you want to reach new people, social media marketing is a great way to do that. If, on the other hand, you want to make the conversion, you should choose email marketing. Lastly, if you want to see new opportunities and gain more, you should combine those two. Mixing social media with email marketing […]

Combining PPC and Email Marketing for Best Results

Digital marketing is a powerful tool but it has to be personalised to show results. Each company should have different priorities depending on what they want to achieve. Somebody would like to go gradually and build brand awareness and customer’s base over time. Others would rather go with the fastest option that will generate as […]

What Is Inclusive Web Design?

Each design always consists of two aspects. One is functional while the other is emotional. The first one will allow users to have better interaction with the brand and design. The second one helps them connect and identify themselves with the brand. When used together, they can lead to better website traffic and brand awareness. […]

How to Know If Your SEO Is Broken?

The basic principle of SEO is to rank better and make your website more search-friendly. When you optimize your website for SEO it means you want to build a page that will have a better score in the search algorithm. Therefore, it’s quite easy to tell when your SEO is not working as it is […]

Why Small Digital Marketing Agencies Are a Good Match for SMBs?

Sometimes, people who are small business owners tend to seek help at big reputable agencies hoping they will make their businesses grow and raise their brand awareness. Well, just because they have big companies as their clients, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do a better job in comparison to small agencies.  That’s why we will […]

Email Marketing Trends You Should Be Implementing in 2020

Precisely 49 years ago Ray Tomlinson did something that left a significant mark on the digital world. He sent the first email and began a new way of online advertising — email marketing. Little did he know this way of communication will have such an enormous impact on society.  Emails became one of the most […]