Why Small Digital Marketing Agencies Are a Good Match for SMBs?

Sometimes, people who are small business owners tend to seek help at big reputable agencies hoping they will make their businesses grow and raise their brand awareness. Well, just because they have big companies as their clients, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do a better job in comparison to small agencies. 

That’s why we will discuss why small digital marketing agencies are a good match for your small business.


  • You will receive more attention

Small agencies work on a more personal level. You will have time to get to know them and establish common trust. People in big agencies don’t always have time to focus just on you, meet you in person and discuss the project. Getting to know someone who will be in charge of your marketing development, dedicated to your business and focus on the details can be crucial at the beginning of your cooperation.


  • You Can Grow Together

Just because a small agency is at the beginning, it doesn’t mean they won’t make a great brand and grow over time. Just as you are hoping to expand your small business one day, they will expand their agency. And when that time comes, you will be the one who was with them all the time, which means they will always treat you as a priority.


  • Much Better Responsiveness

People in small agencies will do their best to be responsive and reply to your messages and calls when you need them. That is not the case with the bigger agencies since their time is limited and they cannot devote themselves to each customer equally. Employees in small agencies will always be available to give you quick advice, solve your dilemmas and make last-minute changes. That’s why you should consider a small agency rather than the big one. You will need someone who will have time and patience for you.


  • More Innovations

Since they are new in the business, and they want to build a name for themselves, small agencies tend to do innovative things more often. Bigger agencies usually stick to their proven routine, without allowing new trends to impact their business. 

Since we are living in the digitalised era, we have to follow the trends and implement them in our marketing. Therefore, choosing a smaller agency may bring you more benefits. To prove themselves, they will often think of new things, ideas, concepts, and that can make your business different from the rest. The competition is fierce and you have to stand out from the crowd somehow. Aside from that, smaller agencies often hire more open-minded employees, allow them to be creative and share brainstorming ideas. And that is exactly what you need at the beginning.


  • Measurable Results

When it comes to digital marketing, results are visible to everybody. Nobody can trick you, hide something from you, etc. You will know how well the campaign is going and both small and big agencies will provide you with results from time to time.

The only difference is that smaller agencies depend on your success and they will do their best to make your results better each month instead of maintaining them the same. They also know you will recommend them if they provide you with great results, and that means they will also extend their business.


  • Affordable Prices

Last but not least, small agencies have fewer employees. Therefore, their expenses are lesser than the ones in big agencies. Since they are still unknown you won’t be paying just for the name of the company. You will be paying for the services they provide.

Summit Digital is a small digital marketing agency in Sydney that provides tradies and other small businesses from all over Australia with online advertising services.