Web Design Tips That Will Help Your Small Business

No matter which type of small business you own, a great website is a key to success. Creating an engaging and quality website isn’t might look complicated, but if you have lots of tips as a guideline, the entire process will be much easier.

We prepared a list of steps you should follow, no matter if you want to improve the existing website or to create a new one, so take a look and we guarantee that this list will help your business website compete effectively in the online marketplace.


  • Invest in High-Quality Branding – don’t forget that your website is the face of your small business. Because if that it is very important to make sure your business looks professional, trustworthy and appealing.
  • Avoid Excessive Clutter – one more important thing to keep in mind is that cluttering your website with excessive content and images will more likely make the users leave your website than attracting them. Keep it clean and use white space wisely as an engagement tool.
  • Place Your Best Content on Top – make sure that the content you want your visitors to focus on isn’t buried under tons of pages and blog posts. To make it visible and catchy, you should use bright colors and bold fonts, but you should also place it on top of your webpage.
  • Use a Responsive Web Design – with a quality responsive web design, you will be able to satisfy the needs of both – mobile and desktop users without creating two separate websites. No matter if the visitor uses a smartphone, tablet or desktop device, responsive web design will ensure that your website looks perfect in any case. 
  • Integrate Call to Action Buttons (CTAs) – your website should inform and engage the audience at the same time. Strategically placed CTAs will show your visitors which actions to take after they receive the information they needed (make a purchase, sign up to a newsletter, etc.)
  • Choose the Right Ecommerce Platform – if you plan to sell services or products online, you will need the right technology to do so. There are many eCommerce platforms, and you will need to pick the one which suits your business model. Woocomerce, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Wix and GoDaddy Online Store are just some of the popular small business e-commerce platforms. 
  • Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines – make sure you follow the basic principles of SEO, and ensure the search engines index and rank your website properly. Following the main practices of SEO like keyword research and implementation, fast loading speed, optimal website code, and others can make a huge difference whether your website will show up on the first page of search results or page 100.
  • Regularly Create and Publish Content – if you want to gain higher SARP rank and engage your visitors to come back to your website you will have to update your website with relevant, fresh content frequently. A great add-on to your content are testimonials, and you can ask your customers to share their experience regarding your service or product. That will ensure you always have fresh content and make your small business look credible and more attractive.


After going through all these steps you may feel like you can handle it on your own, and that’s great! However, you might get overwhelmed and if so, you can relax knowing that Summit Digital web developers and designers are at your service at any time! We will work together with you to get a clear image of the goals you want to achieve, and make sure you have a monster website which will beat all your competitors!