5 Innovative Content Marketing Ideas

The construction industry world is getting more crowded with every passing day, it’s critical that you continually strive to stay ahead of the pack. The good news is, you don’t have to be miles ahead; just a step or two. Here are 5 innovative content marketing ideas that will do just that:

  1. Provide an in-depth answer to a question-of-the-week. You probably already have a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on your website with brief answers to each. This idea takes FAQs to the next level by focusing on just one of those questions and providing some in-depth information that relates to it. You can share this as a blog post, social media, email, etc. Afraid you’ll run out of FAQs to expand upon? Just answer some of those questions you, as the expert, think your prospects should ask but don’t.
  2. Harness the power of the sky-scraper technique. This is a great way to improve the ranking of your blog posts. The idea is to find the top ranked blog post for the keyword you want to rank for; then figure out why it ranked number one and create a post that’s even better. This is really easy on list posts. If the top list post for your keyword phrase has 10 items, you can certainly come up with more items and cover them in greater depth, can’t you?
  3. Review a related product. Position yourself as an expert: Share with your audience the best products going on the market at the moment. This can be a blog article, a Facebook Live post, plain old social media post – just create the content – just do it
  4. Climb aboard the podcast express. Podcasting has been booming for a few years now, but it’s never too late to take advantage of a good thing. There are several types of podcasts including interview podcasts, how-to and tip podcasts, blog post podcasts, etc. To add your own wrinkle to the podcast idea, do more than one type. For example, you could do a weekly podcast with one week being an interview, the next a how-to podcast, followed by a blog post podcast the week after that, and so on.
  5. Renew old, outdated posts. Whether your old posts performed well or not, you can update them and post them anew, often for better results. This can be a simple as tweaking the keyword phrase, or as broad as injecting up-to-date information. You can even combine two or more posts on the same basic topic into a longer, more comprehensive post.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of innovative content marketing ideas here. In fact, you’ve probably thought of 5 new ideas of your own as you read this post. If you’d like to learn more about content marketing, or just bounce some ideas off someone, we invite you to contact us today. You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.